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Margie & Shakespear Bear

Welcome to the artwork of Margie Milne, take a tour through the galleries on left. Occasionally prints and originals are for sale, contact the artist for information.

Artist Statement:

Generally I have animals in my images, either central to, or just a part of the piece. I love to express the attitude and personality of creatures large and small when I paint them. I also have a long time interest in portraits and spend several sessions each week drawing or painting with live models. Lately I have been working in oils but have done work in pastel, inks, pencils and acrylics. But my long time love I always return to are charcoal and graphite.


Graduate of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art

Additional Classes: the Baum School of Art, Fairleigh Dickenson University, and the Joe Kubert School of Art Summer workshops: the Bear Tooth School of Wildlife Art, Montana. Painting workshops with local teacher Ty Hodanish and workshops with Patrick Connors, Max Ginsburg, Darren Kingsley, Jeff Hine and Joshua LaRock.